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Find out why our agents love working for Maximum Senior Benefits.

I love working for Maximum Senior Benefits. I feel like I have finally found the career I have always wanted. I was really impressed with the training provided and I was able to be successful right from the get-go.
— Andrew Flygare (IDAHO/MONTANA)
Working with MSB has been a huge blessing in my life! Insurance agencies are a dime a dozen, but Justin Haskell is a phenomenal leader, a man of incredible character and full of generosity. Finding this combo is EXTREMELY rare and that’s why MSB is already known for being one of the top agencies in the country in agent retention and producing top notch successful agents.
— Shane Randall (GEORGIA)
I love working with a company that gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients and their families. Working with MSB is personally fulfilling and has incredible earning potential. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and excited for the future!
— Mark Swallow (Colorado)
MSB has allowed my wife and I to live the life we desire to live. Within my first year working for MSB, I have been able to afford and build our very first home. I have been able to obtain and continue to have the financial freedom that is so greatly desired. I couldn’t be happier knowing that I am able to work for an amazing company with limitless opportunities.
— Kory Liechty (UTAH/NEVADA)
I’ve been working for Justin at Maximum Senior Benefits for about 5 years now. It’s a great job! I love it. The hours are flexible and the pay is great! I never thought selling Life Insurance would be a career for
me, but we get to help families when loved ones pass away and I think that’s a great thing. Plus, you can make good money to support your own family. We were just able to buy a nice house in Hawaii. We’ve been on some fun all paid vacation trips with the company as well.
— Cowdery Crisanto (HAWAII)
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